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We are able to manage any type of product, from the agri-food sector to consumer goods, whether finished goods or semifinished for further processing and packaging at destination, as well as all kinds of machinery and raw materials related to the food- and beverage industry.



We are offering red, white, and rose wine in bulk, following to the customer’s desired options: Grape variety, alcohol content, color, fermentation type etc. Further: Doble Pasta wines with different color points, wines from different grape varieties, Denominación de Origen or any other parameter required by our clients.


Varietals and sparkling Wines, bottled as well as Tetra Brik, Bag in Box etc. Also we are offering Sangria, liquors and other alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages, too.


Any types of processed foodstuffs matching sizes and formats required by our clients under private or distributor brand. We highlight a special smooth oil for cooking containing native extra virgin olive oil, pomace olive oil, and sunflower oil at a competitive price; olives, canned fish, dairy products with 12 months shelf life and no refrigeration needed, etc.
Alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks such as: all types of wines, vermouth, high proof spirits, sangria, beers etc.
Cleaning products and personal care.

And of course we offer the adequate solutions for transportation, documentation, brand development and personalization as any other detail that our customers need.