CORAL VENTURE, S.L. was created in 1996 by one of the shareholders of LARIOS S.A. when the company was sold to PERNOD RICARD.

The founders of CORAL VENTURE counting with an extensive experience within the international commerce decided to create this enterprise to continue developing their activity, not only with the companies belonging to the group but also with others in the sector.

In the years of beginning of our commercial activity we were exporting Spanish foodstuffs and beverages to very diverse markets such as the EU, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

Over time and due to the growing demand for services and goods by our clients in Angola, where we have a wide and long experience of over 30 years, the exports to this country increased until covering the majority of our volume of business.

Types of products and their origins got more and more diversified until we arrived at one of our current activities: acting as a purchasing central for Angolan companies in the industrial sector, services and distribution, which delegate the responsibility in Coral Venture to organize their purchases in foreign markets, especially the Spanish one.

We manage the entire process from the selection of the most suitable sources, covering all export processes until the delivery at destination, such as documentation, transportation, up to the financing of different operations.
Due to the experience and relationships obtained in the course of this time, we are able to offer different products or services to other markets, too.

Highlighting wine in different forms of commercialization, but also other industry related products such as bulk alcohol, bottled alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bottling machinery, as well as our advice to coordinate and carry out exports to other destinations, as well as consulting for the development and deployment of industrial projects in Angola.
We are able to manage any type of product, from the agri-food sector to consumer goods, whether finished goods or semifinished for further processing and packaging at destination, as well as all kinds of machinery and raw materials related to the food- and beverage industry.

For the achievement of these objectives it was necessary to work with the rigor that has given us the experience and widely competitive commercial work, all this translates into three words: service, quality and price.